Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 5

I ended up not working out last night, but I got a whole bunch of much needed sleep instead. I slept from around 10pm until 7am. It was fantastic. But I am currently starving, so I had a banana while I wait for real breakfast with the kids at camp. I really hope that I can get a really good workout in this afternoon so that I can have a good weigh in tomorrow.

And I've decided my kinda sorta goal. It has a better ring to it. I would like to be 120 pound by my 20th birthday. I figured it up and I have to lose something like 1.5 pounds per week to get there. I think it's probably do-able.

breakfast: banana [100], 2 biscuits w/butter&jelly [400]
lunch: turkey sandwich [200], chips [200], watermelon [30], juice [120]
snack: camp trail mix [150]
dinner: pb&j sandwich [250]
dessert: frozen yogurt w/strawberries [160]

food calories: 1610/1400

30 minutes elliptical [-250]

I'm about to go over my calories today, but it's not my fault too much. I ate for breakfast, lunch, and snack at camp so I had to eat everything on my plate which gave me the majority of the calories. I am going to skip dinner though because I am going to an all-natural frozen yogurt place with some counselors when they get off work. It'll be a good time for me and the most the yogurt will be is 300 calories, so I won't go over my allowance by much. If I burn a couple hundred at the gym today I think I'll still give myself the $20 for the day because I didn't completely snack mindlessly or anything.

Also, I got the job that I applied for!!! That means I'll be getting 10-12 hours a week during the school year plus the rest of the summer too. It's in a Doctoral Office, so I'll basically be logging stuff as people turn in their applications and such to enter the program. The lady told me that I can have the job from now until I graduate, summers included! The best part is that they are only open weekdays from 8-5 so it doesn't even interfere with me spending time with friends and doing clubs and other stuff at college. It is such a blessing because it is the absolute perfect job for me!


  1. Getting much needed sleep is definitely more important than working out, glad you got caught up. I like the new title, it has a good ring to it.

  2. I think you definitely needed the sleep more than the workout. Considering you were on your feet working all day anyway. (:
    And I think your goal is doable! Just gotta keep at it, ya know? You can do it!